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Our Story

Our Story

Juice Stories was founded by Annie who had suffered from various ailments such as autoimmune disease and kidney problems, while her partner, Patricia has gastric reflux.  All these could be due to stress, lack of time to rest, and poor eating habits.  Cold-Pressed Juices and a balanced lifestyle had helped us to make a leap improvement in our health.  

Our goal is to provide nourishment to improve our clients’ health through Cold-Pressed Juices.  As Juice Therapist, our claims are based on research and we are here to discover more as a community together.  We are not medical experts and do not claim to know as much as healthcare professionals.  We want our products to be a good experience for you!

We believe in these two phrases that keep us going every day "If you have grown because of someone, let someone grow because of you" and "Helping ONE person means nothing to the world but it means THE WORLD to that person".

Our dream came true in early 2023 when we were awarded a cafe space at the newly renovated Delta Sport Complex.  We thank Sport Singapore for supporting our concept in setting the cafe to hire more Special Needs and Older Workers, training them in making juices and simple dishes.  We hope to engage the Adult Special Needs, as the cafe gives them the space to interact and integrate with the community where they can Learn, Earn and Grow.

Come and join our community to feel healthier and happier together :)

Health & Nutritions

Good nutrition and a healthy diet are essential for the maintenance of your body. Find out the benefits of juicing that you can enjoy, the types of ingredients suitable for juicing and a recipe for you to try on.

our Juicing Process



Selecting only the best

We select the best ingredients to make your cold-pressed juice fresh and delicious.  We separate the fresh and stale ingredients.  The fresh ingredients will be used for juicing while the stale ones will be used for fertilisation to support green sustainability. The ingredients are then washed and dried to ensure no water is added during the juicing process.



Juice extraction

We use a cold-pressed juicer with low speed to extract juices and keep them fresh.  The cold-pressed juicer extracts juice from vegetables and fruits.   The solid matter is stripped away entirely, leaving the resulting liquid with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are naturally present in the whole vegetable and fruit.  This allows maximum nutrient delivery to the body and easily absorbed within 20 minutes.  We also did not waste the solid matter, we supply the pulp from vegetables and fruits to local plant growers as fertilizers.



Bottling and Packing

We choose to use glass bottles to pack our cold-pressed juices as part of our commitment to building an eco-friendly environment.  It keeps the juice fresh for up to 72 hours as compared to plastic bottles. We insist on doing the hard work even if it takes more effort to wash, sanitize and cost more to deliver in glass bottles.


We do the hard work to provide you a nutrient pack of cold-pressed juice to enjoy :)

cucumber leaves

Ask us anything!

We are most happy to assist with your enquiry.