Juice Wellness

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Juice Wellness


Fountain of Youth

Discover the secrets of the Fountain of Youth through cold-pressed juices.  Learn the types of juices, benefits of cold-pressed juices, ingredients suitable for juicing. Participants will also practice juicing for common daily ailments.

Contact us if you are interested to participate in this 1-hour session.


Juice & Have Fun

Individuals or Corporate workshops for teams to have fun through juicing.  In small groups, team members will have a juice taster session of different ingredients.  They will work on the ingredients and use their creativity to concoct a cold-pressed juice recipe for a specific theme as part of the competition. Everyone will have a takeaway of their own recipe.

Check out our Public runs under "Buy Workshop".  For Corporate Team Bonding, please contact us and we will submit a proposal based on your requirements.


Shaping Up Together

Calling for like-minded individuals who are keen to take a break from overeating and wish to cleanse their digestive system.  Participants will learn how to complement juice cleansing with intermittent fasting to achieve maximum results.  Participants work in teams to prepare cold-pressed juices for the juice cleansing days and create their meal plans for their post-cleansing period.

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