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*** Juice Stories is a Social Enterprise registered with raiSE. *** You will receive FREE delivery when you purchase an order over $40. ***
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Fresh and cold-pressed

Produced daily to ensure freshness for up to 72 hours


Deliciously affordable

Refreshing, healthy, tasty, and nutrients packed


Deliver to your doorstep

Enjoy the goodness of our cold-pressed juices at the comfort of your home


Social Enterprise

Juice Stories is a Social Enterprise that embrace the employability of Older Workers and Persons with Special Needs.

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Being Happy

My family love this fresh juice. Pomegranate punch is our favourite, refreshing and delicious. Lemon drop has this nice ginger taste in this unique blend.

Sandra Lim •


Healthy Investment For Wellness

A healthy investment for wellness. I have been a client for a long time and really appreciate the benefits of a healthy gut in subscribing to Juice Stories's weekly set.

Sophie Tay •


Tummy Rub - My Energy Drink

An energizing way to start my day. Whether I'm doing laundry and cleaning up the house or running errands and stopping by the market for fresh produce, I would love to have a huge bottle to sip on! Its so good for my tummy and digestive system. Thanks Juice Stories for concocting an amazing drink!

Ruzanna Edsman •


Best Detox Juice Mix

Good for me who wish to detoxify and nourish my skin from deep inside. I hope I can get rid of all those dead skin cells and toxins that made me looking all dull and tired.

Ruzanna Edsman •


Child-Friendly Juices

Being Happy juices are delicious, refreshing. The bundle is very child-friendly!

Sherri Koh •


How are we Different


Cold-Pressed Juice

  • Chew ingredients at a slower speed  around 70-110 RPM 
  • Separates pulp from juices
  • Highest yield and most nutritious
  • Absorption of nutrients within 20 minutes
  • Keep fresh for up to 72 hours

How are we Different


Centrifugal Juice

  • Uses centrifugal force in higher speed around 6,000 to 15,000 RPM
  • Separates pulp from juices
  • May not have the highest yield
  • Juices may be oxidized during extraction
  • Best to drink immediately

How are we Different


Blender Juice

  • Blend all ingredients in the container
  • Does not separate pulp from juices
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber slowdowns the absorption of nutrients 
  • Insoluble fiber slowdowns digestion
  • Best to drink immediately


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