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*** Juice Stories is a Social Enterprise registered with raiSE. *** You will receive FREE delivery when you purchase an order over $60. ***
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Fresh and cold-pressed

Produced daily to ensure freshness for up to 72 hours


Deliciously affordable

Refreshing, healthy, tasty, and nutrients packed


Deliver to your doorstep

Enjoy the goodness of our cold-pressed juices at the comfort of your home


Social Enterprise

Juice Stories is a Social Enterprise that embrace the employability of Older Workers and Persons with Special Needs.

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6 Days Shaping Up

First time trying out the 6 days Shaping Up package. It came with a recommended menu for the 6 days. At first, I was quite hesitant if I might feel hungry. In fact, I was more energised. Body felt light and good throughout. Juices were freshly delivered and tasty. Love all the green ones especially. Would definitely recommend it to beginners like me.

Jan Tan •


Our Diet Changed For The Better

We have tried the juices before and they tasted so good that we have decided to embark on a 6 Day Shaping Up Program to detox. It was hassle-free communicating with Annie on the juice arrangement and we looked forward to drinking the juice every time! Our diet changed for the better, we began to eat lesser and am going for a healthier diet. Will recommend anyone to give this a try to have a detox!

Clara Chong •


6 Days Starter Shaping Up

I’ve been doing juice cleanses for a few years but always struggled with a lot of companies overdoing it with ginger (so suffering from extreme bloating) or an imbalance of fruit to vegetables. So, I was delighted to come across Juice Stories this year and to date they have ticked all the right boxes: • Socially conscious • Healthy Cold Pressed Juices • Personalised cleanses based on what my goals are • Ease of communication • Cleanse/Meal Plan provided as a guide • Delivered to my door with excellent and attentive service I recommend Juice Stories to anyone who is new to cleanses or the more experienced who have incorporated this into their lifestyle.

Dorianne Abrahams •


Increase Confidence With Vegetables

After trying for a period, I noted that the cold pressed juices from Juice Stories made me more energised even without a dose of caffeine at all! Annie Wong took pain to understand my fear and customised my juices, gives me time to level up my confidence to take on vegetables and herbs in my juices and motivating me.

Lee Sok Pheng •


Strengthen Immune System

After 6 months, taking the juices from Juice Stories, I noticed my health has improved. I have actually not seen the doctor for cold and cough since I started in Mar 2020. Besides strengthening the immune system, it has also been linked to lowering cancer rates, reducing the risk of heart disease and improving your overall health.

Stephen Lai •


How are we Different


Cold-Pressed Juice

  • Chew ingredients at a slower speed  around 70-110 RPM 
  • Separates pulp from juices
  • Highest yield and most nutritious
  • Absorption of nutrients within 20 minutes
  • Keep fresh for up to 72 hours

How are we Different


Centrifugal Juice

  • Uses centrifugal force in higher speed around 6,000 to 15,000 RPM
  • Separates pulp from juices
  • May not have the highest yield
  • Juices may be oxidized during extraction
  • Best to drink immediately

How are we Different


Blender Juice

  • Blend all ingredients in the container
  • Does not separate pulp from juices
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber slowdowns the absorption of nutrients 
  • Insoluble fiber slowdowns digestion
  • Best to drink immediately


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